Toddler 18 months–3 years old

Peace.  A brief moment in the Toddler Communities confirms this is the most peaceful environment in the school.  The children are naturally drawn to the child-size work, replicating their parent's work:  preparing food, doing dishes, watering plants...these are the activities that are driven by the child's inner teacher.  It is when we listen to that teacher that peace results.

Diversity.  The toddlers are exposed to a wide variety of races, cultures, and religions through their carefully curated library of books and music.  As children from a wide variety of religions, races, and cultures join our communities, the toddlers see only the friends they love.

Responsibility.  As the toddlers gain independence in toileting and otherwise caring for themselves, they simultaneously demand to do things for themselves.  While their words may sound demanding, "I'll do it myself!" is their first foray into responsibility.


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