Primary 3–6 years old

Each young child will have a short period in time when adults will notice their “awakening.”  Suddenly, they remember things that happened in the past, they begin relaying their preferences and noticing those of others.  This child craves order in their environment and longs to copy the work of adults.  So, we give them work (other places call it play) that is meaningful to them.  They get to wash dishes, scrub floors, rake leaves and more. 

The children continue to have their super power (which has been present since conception), the Absorbent Mind.  They absorb knowledge by simply being.  The guides capitalize on the child’s ability, by refining their senses, through work in the Sensorial area of the environment. 

The child, enabled with their super power, is able to touch, hold, and move materials that teach, through their very use.  It is by way of this superpower and the specific materials that most of our children are able to begin writing and reading and complete operations at very young ages.


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