Primary 3–6 years old

Peace.  As the children have developed an awareness of their emotions, guides assist them in labeling those emotions and talking about them with other children, when there is a conflict.  These conversations become a cornerstone of the Montessori environment.  We call this subject Grace and Courtesy.  

Diversity.  Children at this age love celebrations from all different cultures.  In addition to the International Day of Peace, the school has a wintertime Celebration of Light.  Each of these celebrations highlight religious and cultural celebrations from around the world.  As the children get to know their classmates, who each have different abilities, they will--from time-to-time--learn about some children's challenges and the strategies they use to face those challenges.  The Primary environment is the perfect place to welcome children and adults from all backgrounds.

Responsibility.  Young children in the Primary Communities have a distinct sense of order.  We amplify that sense of order, by creating a very orderly environment.  While the young children's needs are served with this external order, the children who are older have established an internal order.  They adhere to that order, both in the classroom and out, taking accountability for making sure the classroom is neat and clean and making sure the living things outside have what they need to survive.


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