Middle School 12 –15 years old

Upper School 15-18 years old

The adolescent is experiencing brain growth faster than has happened at any point in their life, since they were 18 months old.  Their brains and bodies are tired and prone to illness.

Because so much of their energy is dedicated to self-creation, physically, socially, and emotionally, their interests change from academic to physical, social, and emotional.  They are exploring how they fit in the world.  So, the Montessori environment offers them the opportunity to work with a community of their peers, on a farm.  They run a business, selling the produce from their farm. 

Montessori believed the adolescent needs work in the open, fresh air to maintain their health; they need one another to maintain their motivation; and they need the guides to frame the boundaries of their work.

Recognizing that the academic baseline for children has risen since Montessori’s time, Montessori programs worldwide have added in special classes like Language Arts, Math, and Foreign Languages.  In helping our adolescents be able to adapt to the world they live in, their math will extend into calculus; they take language lessons; and participate in reading and writing lessons throughout their program.  The sciences are taught in project modules and cover biology, chemistry, and physics.

While traditional high schools offer a wide array of curriculum options, the Montessori Upper School curriculum literally opens the whole world to the adolescent.  Students choose topics of concern to them.  They then research the topic, through traditional methods, creating a framework for their Odyssey.

The Odyssey Project will include the preliminary research, internships in the chosen field, experiments, interviews, and more.  The Odyssey Project culminates with a presentation or published product.

Students begin taking the ACT or SAT, at 15 years old.


Special Activities

For the Farm School program special activities include Orff Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education as part of the curriculum.

Tuition & Enrollment

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