Middle School 12–15 years old

Upper School 15–18 years old

Peace.  In addition to an annual Peace Project, in which the adolescents have to thoroughly study and present one aspect of making peace in the world, they are well-prepared to handle conflict resolution and are equipped peacemakers.  The adolescents who have grown up in our environments distinguish themselves by their careful use of words and nonverbal communication to both challenge injustice and work through disagreements.

Diversity.  Our adolescent group represents a diverse array of 12-18 year olds.  At this stage, the adolescents explore issues of justice, economics, and social issues.  Race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, and culture are a part of many studies and conversations.  Additionally, the adolescents travel internationally twice in their six years, to see how people in other cultures work and live.

Responsibility.  In the Farm School, the adolescents take on the responsibility of managing a business, with multiple streams of revenue.  They not only raise, produce, and sell the products, but they assess and cater to their markets, manage finances, and make decisions about how to spend their income.  Their ownership of this process and result develops responsibility.


Special Activities

For the Farm School program special activities include Orff Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education as part of the curriculum.

Tuition & Enrollment

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