Lower Elementary 6–9 years old

Upper Elementary 9-12 years pld

By six years old, children have absorbed their environments and their culture.  It’s time to take on new frontiers.  We give them the UNIVERSE!!!

They have lost their former superpower, replaced with the power of Imagination.  It is through their imagination that we can introduce them to the universe and the earth and all its parts, from mountains to microbes. 

Children study sciences and social sciences through hands-on explorations, repeated throughout the years.  As they repeat, they are able to draw conclusions about the outcomes they witness.  In Geometry, for instance, we give them the problem of Egyptian Harpedonaptai (or, Rope Stretchers), who had to remeasure land near the Nile River, each year when it flooded and wiped out farmer’s fences.  The children are literally placed in Pythagoras’s conundrum and use the materials to figure out the solution.  In this way, the children discover and articulate theorems, just the way scientists and mathematicians do.

Capitalizing on their newfound interest in collecting and categorizing, the guides introduce as much grammar into the earliest years of elementary as possible.  The children are then free to use that basis to bolster their creative writing.


Special Activities

For the Elementary program special activities include Orff Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education as part of the curriculum.

Tuition & Enrollment

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