Lower Elementary 6–9 years old

Upper Elementary 9-12 years pld

Peace.  Children in the elementary communities need one another.  Their social being is beginning to bloom and with that comes a need to negotiate rules and communicate boundaries.  Through these processes, they learn to both hold expectations for others and meet reasonable expectations of others.  These life lessons are vibrantly presented in History and Biology lessons, where the children learn that everyone and everything has a purpose and is very much needed in the intricate web of society and of life itself.  

Diversity.  In addition to striving to maintain a diverse student population and hire staff from diverse backgrounds, each and every aspect of the classroom is infused with an emphasis on diversity.  In one of the first lessons a six year old receives, we explore how people from various cultures satisfy their needs.  In one of the last lessons a 12 year old receives, we examine the economic impacts of trade on island nations and first nations people.  

Responsibility.  One of the characteristics that a child is ready to move to Elementary is that they develop a sense of responsibility.  They move from washing tables to fulfill their own need to scrub to washing tables because the tables are dirty.  In the Elementary, the children function in a mini-society, taking on the task of establishing their own routines and rules.


Special Activities

For the Elementary program special activities include Orff Music, Spanish, Art and Physical Education as part of the curriculum.

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