Gina Glo Perretti, Lead Guide - Toddler

Gina Perretti grew up in a Bed and Breakfast her parents operated. She would often get to play with the children of guests and, in so doing, developed an appreciation of children. After earning her associate’s degree in Graphic and Website Design and working in the industry for several years, Gina opened her home for child care. Her work was informed by both Montessori and Waldorf methods, which ultimately led her to Clay-Platte Montessori School.

Gina will be furthering her education by beginning the Assistant to Infancy educational course starting summer 2019.

Starting as a Toddler Community Assistant in 2016, Gina quickly became very knowledgeable about the Montessori approach to toddlers. As a trusted and reliable member of the staff, she will be further enhancing her Montessori approach in order to help prepare the future of the world from within the toddler community.