Steve McGinley
Montessori Lead Guide Early Childhood Education (ages 3-5) Orange Room

Steve McGinley started at Clay-Platte as a substitute in 2009. After being a sub for two years and assisting in the Middle School, he moved into the Yellow Room as an assistant for three years and started taking the Montessori training. Steve completed his Montessori Certification in Early Childhood, in 2013 and has been the Montessori Director in the Orange Room since 2014.

Steve graduated from William Jewel College with a degree in Information Systems. His love for Montessori started when he attended a public Montessori school in California from 1st thru 4th grades. Steve is married and has one child, his son Collin, who started at Clay-Platte in the toddler room and has moved all the way thru to the Farm School.